properties of matter for select elements

oxygen, gold, and helium
germanium, cobalt, and erbium

Least to most dense

1) helium- 0.2 g/cm cubed 2) oxygen- 1.4 g/l

3) germanium- 5.3 g/cm cubed 4) cobalt-8.9 g/cm cubed

5) erbium- 9.1 g/cm cubed 6) gold- 19.3 g/cm cubed

Lowest to highest melting point (Celsius)

1) oxygen -218.3 2) germanium -938.8

3) helium- none 4) gold- 1064.2

5) cobalt- 1495 6) erbium- 1497


2 every day uses-

1) used to breathe 2) animals absorb oxygen in their blood when they breathe

interesting fact- the word oxygen comes from the greek word "oxys" which means acid and 'genes' meaning forming


2 every day uses-

1) jewelry 2) electric circuitry

interesting fact- gold is the only metal that does not react with sulfur


2 every day uses-

1) to blow up balloons 2) as a gas for supersonic wind tunnels

interesting fact- helium is the second-most abundant element in the universe


2 every day uses-

1) infrared spectroscopes 2) transistors

interesting fact- it is sold in ingot bars


2 everyday uses-

1) invisible ink 2) blue glass

interesting fact- cobalt is derived from "kobold" meaning goblin or elf


2 every day uses-

1) makes interesting colors for pottery  2) colorant in glass

Interesting fact- discovered in 1843 by the Swedish chemist Carl Gustaf Mosander

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