Definition; to make a logical guess on what is happening based on context clues.

Written Examples:

Young Brown dashed to the crime scene as soon as he was called. He got to Café 5, the crime scene, and found the police gathered around the victim. I infer from this writing that "Young Brown" is some sort of detective and he is going to try and find the commit-er of the crime.

Dim light peered through the windows illuminating the surrounding lawn. I watched from behind a thick layer of underbrush as a dark shadow from inside the house moved toward a window to survey their property. When a nearby clock tower struck twelve, the shadow disappeared back into the light and I knew it was time to make my move. I infer from this writing that the narrator is hiding somewhere to surprise or scare someone. I also think it's late at night because they narrator mentions dim light and dark shadows.

Recently, the use of cell phones for cheating on tests, a new method of passing notes, and even cyber bullying have become major issues. I infer from this writing that the author doesn't like cell phones used in school because it is a distraction.

From this picture I infer that the child is tired from a long day of playing because she feel asleep on the toy shelf.

From the picture I infer that this person was out all day in the sun with flip flops on, and then got sunburnt from being careless.

I infer from this photo that the man had a long night the night before from partying or watching 'Friends' with his girlfriend, so he showed up to work tired and is sleeping on the job. He'll probably get fired just saying.

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