mickey mantle

by mckale norment

1.He was born in October 20,1931. 2.his high school was commerce HS.  3.his team was new York Yankees. 4.his last game was in September 28, 1968.  5.he died in august 13, 1995. his position was center fielder.  6.he had an 18 year career. 7.Mantle joined the majors at age 19. 8.hitting 536 home runs and being named the American League's Most Valuable Player three times.  9.he was elected to the National Baseball Hall of Fame in 1974. 10.After years of hard drinking, Mantle entered the Betty Ford Clinic in 1994. 11.After retiring from baseball March 1, 1969, Mantle became a restaurateur and television commentator. 12.A fourth son, Billy, died in 1994 of Hodgkin's disease.

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