Pokémon Hackie: A Unova-In-Johto Experience

Hi, I'm Facundo (a) Jackie. After a few months of work, I managed to develop something that has long wanted to do. I always liked a lot GBC graphics, and the generations that followed Gold & Silver. Since no one deigned to make a good hack to include these Pokémon in a GBC ROM, I decided to make my own, as accurate as I could. And now, I proudly present my first draft of Pokémon hack: Pokémon Hackie, A Teselia-In-Johto Experience (Unova, for North-American players. I'm from Argentina, hehe).

What's new

Feel free to check out these screenshots for yourself, basically says it all. In this version you can start choosing Snivy, Oshawott or Tepig. All have their corresponding stats, as well as the type, sprites, moves, evolutions, catch rate, egg cycles, growth rate, base happiness, base experience and EV yield.

This project began on October 10. So far I've drawn and programmed 50 pokémons, all playables. Of course, since there are many differences from the 2nd to the 5th generation, there are several changes to note. First, many movements are adapted, ie replaced by others with similar effect. Second, there were no such things as "abilities", so they were compensated differently. Third, some evolutions have also been modified. Those are the main differences, but calm, all these are explained on this page, which will be including a special Pokédex, designed by myself. They can access the links below, as soon as they are available.

---- FIRST BETA ----
Click the link to download the game.

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