The Country of Yasi

Culture of Puig By: Cameron Crotte


Education in Yasi, is not strict at all. They go to school for 5 hours a day, starting from 10 am. to 3 pm. In Yasi they believe that the majority of your day as a child should be spent doing active things. Such as playing with friends, playing sports, babysitting young siblings and even help the parents work at home. Children only are required to attend school up until 8th grade, after that it is their parents decision to decide if they want to send them to high school.

Climate Region

The Climate in Yasi is very humid and tropical. Yasi is well known for its beautiful beaches and its numerous rainforests . Most people can not afford air conditioning, so there is a lot of dehydration that occurs in the summer and spring. In the winter the temperature drops down the around 70-80 Fahrenheit. It is very humid, but it is also very rainy, its rains almost everyday and the rain just makes the air even more humid. 


Shelter in Yasi is very old, and the houses are usually made of bricks or brick wall. most houses are beaten up or worn down. Some houses in Yasi are 2 or 3 stories but most houses are just one house with one story, maybe 2 bedrooms.

Creative expression

The people in Yasi are very outgoing and are very proud people of their country. In Yasi most people enjoy dancing and singing. In Yasi the sport is baseball, there are 37 people in the MLB that are from Yasi. Baseball is played by kids all ages in Yasi and is a very common sport.

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