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Parker's Adventures in Colorado

QUOTE: "He climbed cathedral mountains, he saw silver clouds below, he saw everything as far as you can see"- Rocky Mountain high, John Denver.

     This Summer, I went to Colorado to visit my cousins. I really enjoy hanging out with them, but my favorite person on the trip was my Uncle Mark, because he kept us laughing the whole time.  For my cousin's birthday, we went to see Guardians of the Galaxy. That has to be my favorite movie of the summer. I've still got the songs in my head. Then, we went to stay in a cabin in Estes Park - a beautiful little town right in the middle of a national park. There were two or three ice cream shops on every block! We went horseback riding and hiking in the Rocky Mountain National Park. On the hike, I saw elk, lots of birds, and marmots and pikas, which I didn't even know existed. They were adorable!  After we left Estes Park, we went to Breckenridge and stayed in the best room I've ever been in at the Crystal Lodge. After the cabin, it was a treat to stay in a huge luxury suite. We swam, zip-lined, went summer bobsledding, panned for gems, and mountain biked, which I think was the most terrifying part of this trip. Even so, it was also the most memorable, because there was just a special thrill to it as well. Or maybe that was just the desire to stay alive.  

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