Are an escape in peoples everyday life that they do for fun.

Why Do People Get Emotionally Attached To Video-Games?

It depends on the person playing the game. The creators put you in verity of situations that you could have in real life and see how you react to them and with every choice there will be consequences. They make you choose the hard choices that you'd never imagine that you had and just when you think things are going well they turn to a disaster in seconds. With many problems and relationships you could be the one to save or kill another. From tearing someone down or building them up, to seeing someone so innocent slowly turning into a killer.

What Goes Into Making Video-Games?

In the beginning of game production every game begins with a story. Often story ideas come from game designers themselves or are pitched by others, but in all need very many people to accomplish. Many get their ideas from movies, other videogames, or in their own anti-universes. Once the basic game concept is decided, writers and artists work together on a storyboard. As the storyboard is made, designers then start to create the character. Many sketches of characters are drawn and redrawn until they are at perfection. Once the character design is complete, they then transform the sketches into controllable 3D characters.The sketches are first scanned, then defined, then animated. The more detailed exoskeleton the more defined the characters shape and the more realistic the motion of the character looks. Afterwards layers of skin are added followed by layers of color and textures, making it look better and better by the minute. The character is now at completion, and the game programmers then bring the character to life, by moving the character.

Why Are Video-Games So Addicting?

Many people get addicted to games just by trying to get or beat the high score. It can be anything to the high score of the game or just to beat their own, then again if the games more complex they could be playing for hours. Some games even allow players to do more than just play, but allow an emotional attachment to the character, making the game much harder to stop playing. Many online games allow people to build relationships with others. For some people, the online community can become a place where they're most accepted, which draws them back again and again. Then again if the games interesting, you could just get so caught up in it that you just had to finish.

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