Online Safety Rue.C

Do you really know what your
kids are doing on the internet?

Tip#I: (Shut yo mouth) Do you really want strangers knocking on your door? If not don't give out the personal info.
Tip#II (Bye Bye Freak) If you got some body sending you those nasty messages the best way to handle that problem is block them.
Tip#III ( I want Mommy) If you have a big problem with some one on the internet just tell an adult you trust and they could solve the problem for you.               
Tip#IV ( Meet and Greet) Do you ever want to meet someone online if so just ask your parent or guardian.
Tip#V ( Fight Night) If someone online tries to get you into a fight report to a cop or an adult you trust.
P.S I f you get called a
"Snitch" it ain't my problem

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