Fleet Week 2014

What I learned from these special sailors

The Fleet Week sailors

Today we went to Fleet Week. It's a very cool place to visit. There were so many things to see! My class and I first went through the contamination . It's where the soldiers go to get clean from anything contaminated. They use hoses that hang from the ceiling, and on the side is a stand where other soldiers wash you if you are injured or sick. Then we saw all the medical equipment that they use to treat the dying and hurt soldiers. One of the scariest things I saw was a fake, injured soldier that lost his foot. He was saying "OUCH!" every few seconds. There was a hole in his thought so that the doctor could stick a breathing tube in it. It was scary for the thought of an actual soldier to be injured like that. That's why I thank them so much for their service! Finally, we went on the battle ships. There was a cannon at the tip of the ship! It was huge! We learned about the crew and a man who sacrificed his life for the sailors. He was so generous! I had a lot of fun at fleet week!

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