5 AmLearning Apps

Here are five apps that I think would be useful in a secondary ESL classroom.  All are geared towards language use.

1. Storykit on Apple.  This app allows users to create stories using text and pictures.  The pictures can be drawings or photos.  "Books" can have many pages.  Students can take or add photos of things they are interested in, then describe them briefly.  This would be useful for students will low language abilities.  I would be able to look at the picture and have a sense of what they are talking about, but they would still be able to choose their topics.

2. Fotobabble on Apple.  This is similar to the above, but instead of text, students record spoken words over photos.  This uses a different aspect of language, but the advantages remain.  It would also be useful because students would be able to listen to their voices objectively and compare my pronunciation with theirs.

3. Sock Puppets on Apple.  In this app, students create sock puppets that self-animate to their voices.  This would again be most useful for lower-level students, who could use the app to create short presentations.  I like the potential for humour here.

4. Choose Your Path on Android.  In this app, students can read choose your own adventure stories and create their own.  I would accept a choose your own adventure story in lieu of a traditional story or other informal response to literature.

5. Flash Fiction Prompter on Apple.  This app provides students with a character, setting, and prompt suitable for a very short piece of fiction.  Unlike the other apps, I would use this one for a whole class.  We'd all write for ten minutes on the same prompt, and students would select their best works to proofread and share.

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