Hemophilia Disorder

Hemophilia is a genetic disorder. Hemophilia is a rare disorder which where your blood doesn't clot normally. Hemophilia lacks on sufficient blood-clotting proteins. If you have Hemophilia you will bleed for a longer time after an injury. There is still no cure for Hemophilia.

The disease of Hemophilia is a rare disorder which blood doesn't clot normally. This happens when a certain blood clotting factors are missing or are not working properly. This cause an extended bleeding on a cut or a bruise. Hemophilia happens more often in males more than females. There are two types of Hemophilia type A and type B. Type A is most Common which is caused by defiency factor VII and cause the proteins to form blood clots. Type B is cause by deficiency of factor IX.

The chromosome that Hemophilia affects is a female that has an X chromosome is a carrier and gets symptoms. She can pass the X chromosome that is affected to her children.

Most males get hemophilia but Females don't get it as often. Females get affected more with symptoms but males don't get as much of Hemophilia. Newborn babies are sometimes born with Hemophilia if their mom is a carrier of someone in the family has Hemophilia. Hemophilia was discover by Dr. John and he discovered Hemophilia in 1803.

Characteristics : swelling, bleeding for a long period of time, spontaneous bleeding in joints and muscles

Symptoms :

bleeding in the mouth, bleeding after having vaccinations, blood in urine, frequent and hard to stop nose bleeding

Here is a video explaining about hemophilia.

Hopefully you learned something about Hemophilia.

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