Reggie Joyner

Tcs foods saftey

tcs foods foods are just cooked foods that has to be stored at a set temperature

The pictures below will show how and how not to store foods

the project below is a example of how to eat safe food and identify potentially bad food and will also help educate some people

this the cooked and uncooked foods that can be stored beside each other
harmful fungus that can grow on foods if stored at the wrong tempurature
this is what happens when heat and pathogens take over a food
this happens when a fruit is stored at too high of a fruit
this is milk stored at a to hight of a temperature and left to settle
these are processed blue berries ready to be freezied
this is a food that does not have a set temperature to be considered safe
jamaican bun and cheese it has no set temp and can be ate when ever
this is the proper way to store a fish when it is caught fresh and waiting to be
this is the improper way to have a salad bar it is missing a spit guard

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