Heart Disease

Author name: Robert H. Eckel, MD; Krauss, MD for the AHA Nutrition Committee

Article Link: Cir.anajornals.org/content/97/21/2099?related-urls=yes&legid=circulationana;97/21/2099

Davia Lucas
Title: American Heart Association Call to Action: Obesity as a Major Risk Factor For a Coronary Heart Disease

5 Facts

Few Drugs exist to prevent and treat obesity.

20 years ago from eqidemiology  studies we have learn that obesity  is a serious risk factor for coronary heart  disease.

No drugs comparable  to the 'stains' to reduce high blood cholest to reduce high blood cholesterol.

Fat restriction is only part of a hearthy diet.

In part because we are still learning about complex cause of excess weight.

Statistic: According to NHANES 65,700,000 American adults (30 million mean and 35.6 million women) exceed the health weight range defined by the US guidelines.

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