sport Knee injuries

by: noah adams


A knee injury is when you knee is hurt and it can not do its job.


If you have a knee injury your knee will not be able to do its job

An ACL injury in often a tear

PCL injuries are caused by impact taking by the knee

A sprain knee mean you have stretched a ligament

A strain knee means you have partly torn a muscle

Meniscus injuries are common in sports

A fracture is a cracked bone


    A cartilage tear on the outside of the knee. Hurts around the joint line with swelling with in hours. Bending the knee may also cause knee pain. Twisting your knee when you plant your foot. Getting hit on the knee. jumping and landing the wrong way. Injuries happen when you repeat activities. Activities such like jogging and jumping. Knee injuries can be caused by awkward movements. Putting a lot of pressure on the knee can cause knee injuries.


  • hurts to put weight on the point without pain- you cant stand up on the knee
  • knee pop -feels like something is caught in the knee  
  • knee buckle sideways- you cant put weight on the leg
  • knee pain- cant put weight on the knee
  • Knee swelling-limit the amount she can move
  • Knee stiffness-not able to straighten leg fully
  • helper

    A therapist is trained to work with you to get you back in your activity, strength and motion following an injury. Therapists can teach exercises, stretches to help problems that cannot be managed without therapy training. Other things you can use to help. Ice for 15 min for and hour. Do not place the ice on your bare knee. Put a towel on your knee. Put the ice in a plastic bag. Then put the bag of ice on your knee.

    why is it important for people to know

    Its important for people to know about knee injuries. Because if someone has a knee injury the will know. Its important for people to know the signs of a knee injury. They will know what to do if they have a knee injury playing a sport or doing anything. Its important that people know how a sport knee injury can affect them. They can know how serious & important a knee injury is.






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