When the Butterflies Came

By Kimberley Griffiths Little

Plot Summary

  Tara Duocet seems to have a perfect life, But in reality, Grammy Claire, The person she loved most, is dead. Tara is depressed, her mother ran and hid in the south wing, and Riley, her sister, is a big pain in the neck. But when a dazzling purple Butterfly finds Tara after the funeral, Tara has a feeling this is no ordinary Butterfly. A short while later, a strange butler comes to take Tara and Riley to Grammy Claire's house. There Tara finds a box full of keys that are numbered, and a bunch of letters from Grammy Claire. Soon Tara realizes that The nipwisipwis, or Butterflies, are defiantly not ordinary. They always seem to find her. Now Tara has to solve a number of mysteries, Save the astounding Butterflies, and find Grammy Claire's murderer. And it's all a mater of life or death.


There are so many characters in this amazing book, that I can't even describe all of them. First, there is Tara, an 11 year old girl who is very smart. when her Grammy Claire dies, she is very heartbroken. then there is Riley, an 18 year old girl with spiked blue hair and huge black boots. She and Tara's daddy left when she was 12, and she has always missed missed him, but doesn't show it. next is Butler Reginald, Grammy Claire's lawyer, research partner, and friend. After him is mama, who has seemed like she is out in space since her husband left. last is Madame See, an island woman who Tara suspects is Grammy Claire's murderer. There are a few more characters, but if I tell you about them, I would give away the book.


This story takes place in two places; Bayou Bridge, where Tara's rundown mansion is, and Grammy Claire's house. Then there's the Islands Of Chukk, where Grammy Claire researched the nipwisipwis, and where most of the action is. The book takes place in modern day, but it doesn't really have a date listed in the book. I could tell it was modern day because Tara and Riley both have phones, and there are modern day stuff everywhere. 


The conflict in this book I think is that her Grammy Claire died, and that someone, or something, is trying to destroy the precocious nipwisipwis.


Kimberley Griffiths Little is the author of many books, most of them are middle grade books. here are some of them; Breakaway, Circle of Secrets, Enchanted Runner, The Healing Spell, The last Snake Runner, And The Time of the Fireflies. She lives in New Mexico with her husband and her three sons.

I really liked this book, and I hope you read it!!!

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