6th Period

September 9,2014

             My Rockin' Summer
 My Vacation to Great Wolf Lodge:  

      During the summer I didn't do much things except when I went on a 3-day vacation with my families to Great Wolf Lodge. There were a lot of people there. We went on many rides and did many activities. There was an arcade and we played there for a long time. We had lots of fun being in Great Wolf Lodge!

Front entrance of Great Wolf Lodge

Pictures of Great wolf Lodge:

Other things I did and liked during the summer is:

-I like to craft and make things.                                                                                              -I went to the pool and lots of craft stores.                                                                            -I really wanted to be with my baby cousin Kendo.                                                              -A TV show I watched was Jimmy Fallon.                                                                            -I don't have a moment overall because nothing big really happened.                                -My favorite songs are "Spectrum"by Zedd, "Chandelier"by Sia, and "Black Widow Baby"by Iggy Azalea and Rita Ora.