11 Very cool attractions in Oklahoma city


This is Excalibur!He's in one of the anime convention's in Oklahoma city that im going to!

This is the science museum!This museum has really interesting stuff,Like cool dinosaur bone's and other fossil's!

My last attraction is the state capitol! You can only go once A month to meet the mayor of Oklahoma!

This is the overholser mansion! It is so huge!

This is main event! This place has lot's of cool stuff like bowling, arcade game's, pool, and gravity rope's!  

For those who don't no what gravity rope's are, this is it! You have a rope tied to you ,(depending on how big you are) and that rope is tied to the cealing! So to complete the course, you have to complete different obstacle's in different path's! so you may choose your path!

This is brick town! This place is really cool! It has A hotel, pool, and very cool water fountain!

This place is pole position! This place is really awesome! It has over 9 go kart's! so you can enjoy racing with 9 of your different friend's!

This is the museum of art's! It is very big! This place is really cool. It has painting's there from the 19th century!  

This is the golden dome! It is really cool! It has a lot of history behind it. This used to be a restaurant, a cultural center, art gallery, and finally became a bank!

For my final attraction this is, the Chesapeake basketball stadium in Oklahoma city! This place is huge! over 2,ooo people can come and watch A game!

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