Tropical Desert

Ali, Harrison, Savannah, Carter

Have you ever wanted to go to the tropical desert and spend a day with a camel? Well… now you can go for a low low price!!! You can go for a walk and view all the beautiful formations or you can go bike riding on a tour of the desert!
For more information on the tropical desert look below.

Here are some animals that are in the tropical desert!!! Most of these animals feed on insects or small mammals. They like to hunt during the day, so they can see their prey. These animals do not hurt people unless you harm them.

Now I'm going to show you some plants in a tropical desert! These plants have adapted to the dry and hot weather, so they don't need much water.

The weather is really dry, so you might want to bring a lot of water! Also, bring shorts and t-shirts and be sure to bring tennis shoes if you want to go on hikes. It does get cold at night, so bring a coat and sweat shirts. It doesn't rain often, so you don't need an umbrella.

Now, for the places to go in the tropical desert! My opinion for things to do would be to go on a bike tour. It is really fun to see all of the animals in the desert and all of the mountains. Another fun thing would be to go camping, but I would bring a lot of bug spray. It is really fun to roast marshmallows. There is a lot of fun things to do in the desert! You can find out if you come!!!!

Here is the weather map and map of the tropical deserts. I hope you enjoyed the little tour you had! We hope to see you soon!!!

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