Darkness Rising Trilogy
By:Kelley Armstrong

the trilogy by kelley armstrong consist of the three books The Gathering, The Calling and The Rising.


The protagonist of the book are teenagers that have been given different abilities they are searching for answers about what happened to their parents,home,and there town  as they search for these answers many shocking things happens as they get closer to the answer the irony in the story is very shocking when the people they rely on most might be the ones who are trying to harm and endanger them.

A six-teen year old Navajo native american named Maya who had the perfect parents, friends,school, and life but that all goes down hill after she discovers that her best friend Serena was murdered by one of their friend Nicole. Maya finds out she has the ability to shape shift into a cougar her parents aren't really here parents her mom abandoned her and her long lost brother Ashton. she also discovers who her biological father is and who hes working for.

Corey is the sweet heart of the group he is sensitive he is also the best friend of Maya and Daniel. Corey has a little brother Travis and there moms is a cop they also disappeared with everyone else family. Corey can vision the future but he has really bad head aches when he sees the visions. later on he discovers he's a senility.

Raphael also known as Rafe came to salmon creek to warn Maya about herself and the others he is very attractive and when he moved to salmon creek every girl in their school tried to get with him. both him and his big sister was abandoned by his mother also  so his big sister has been watching over him Rafe helps Maya out throughout the stories risking his life for her and etc.

Annie who is Rafe's older sister goes through the the same thing as Maya with being a shape shifter into a cougar she shifted early and she noticed herself turning more into the animal then human she was very active and artistic before she started to shift now shes delusional and out of it when shes in human form and they are worried the same might happen to Maya.

Ash i Mayas long lost twin brother they were split at a very young age and ash always looked for Maya and never stopped until he found her. he came to help Maya and her friends nd reconnect with his family again.

The antagonist

The St.Clouds are the antogonist of thee trilogy they are basically the government for the small town of salmon creek.

Story teaser

In salmon creek a suspicious forest fire breaks out in the small town of  salmon creek all the children who lives in salmon creek are just experiments since birth and none knows about it only the St.Clouds which is the government   all the doctors appointments they went to was only to check up on the childrens growth of the experiments. the irony o the trilogy is when  the children ask the adults they trust for help are the ones who are trying to danger them not only there doctors and local officers but also one of the childrens relatives


"You cant always depend on blood to help you through your probelms sometimes itsw better to rely on water" - yasmine d.

Seventeen year old Daniel is one of Mayas best friends he has the ability to persuade and a sonic boom voice. He has family issues his dad is a drunk and him and Daniel are always fighting Daniel's mom passed when he was little he has two younger brothers and he was also Serena's boyfriend and Nicole's crush. Nicole murdered Serena over Daniel because she was jealous of Serena and Maya. Daniel is very strong and confident and he always had a thing for Maya.

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