Bonnes vacances!

The Table française will resume after break:
Tuesday, October 21st 7:30-8:30pm in Duke 307

Pont du Gard (taken by J. Starmer)

Save this link! Carlton College has a wonderful list of verbs and the prepositions (or not) which follow them:

As the leaves begin to fall (tomber), you may want to use other expressions with this verb:

Are you a visual learner or do you simply want to expand your vocabulary? This visual dictionary is wonderful!

Nutella lovers, this is for you:

Awkward....this is a difficult word to translate into French:

Here are some great listening activities (not for beginners) based on the news:

Do you know where @ came from? This French article provides its history:

If you have some free time (over break, for example), you may have fun playing games to learn about Paris museums!

This site has more than 500 French songs! offers another video about unusual French expressions:

Finally, if you just need a study break, you may enjoy looking at this Belgian artist's "Hommes":

Au revoir!