Life with Fashion Episode 7 Season 1

You may be wondering "Hey Girly Tomboy where did you go we thought you were gone!" Well now I am back and in full speed with these episodes for you guys and next episode is when we head straight into season 2! Wahoo!!!! Anyways You guys are like "Stop stalling and get straight to the point!" And I will right...NOW!

The Outfit...

I really like this outfit!! This is one of my favorite outfits. This reminds me of a Sporty chic type of outfit. Okay I know it is short (R E A L L Y short but yeah). I came up with an idea that if you guys put pictures of outfits in the comments below I will use that in my episodes I won't use the first one until season two just be clear. Have a great day! Keep Calm and Tackk On!