SCAD fashion: best in show

All eyes were on the runway at SCAD’s annual fashion show in Savannah. But when the lights turned off and the music turned down, the attendees were giving the models a run for their money. Below are the most stylish looks from after the show.

Best accessories

The best accessories of the night goes to Audrey Wagner King. Pieces that are truly fit for a queen, the SCAD Fibers alum created her headband and earrings herself. If you’d like to see more awe-inspiring pieces check out her brand French Knot Studios.

Best dress

Black may be slimming, but white can make anybody look ethereal. Jenny, a SCAD staff member, easily drew attention with her white satin dress with laser cut details. The look was effortless and absolutely perfect for a party during a summer night.

Best skirt

Erin Tandy, a SCAD staff member, wore a gold-gathered skirt designed by prospective student Stephanie Larck, owner of Jasee’O Design & Company. Larck’s design was simple yet stunning.

photo: plus size formal dresses

Best couple

This category was inspired by SCAD students Alex Mesterton-Gibbons and Kyle Adams. Mesterton-Gibbons, a fashion design major, designed the dress and tie as part of her senior collection. To my surprise, she wasn’t in the show, but that didn’t stop her from showing off her hard work.

Best shoes

Easily the most eye-catching item, Rain, a fashion design major, wore a pair of Maison Martin Margiela plexiglass pumps with a hidden red heel inside. With a pair as daring as these, it’s easy to understand why I saw the shoes before I saw the girl.

Best menswear

Rounding off the list, Christian Siriano won the award for best menswear with his black blazer paired with houndstooth pants and gold-plated oxfords. As always, Siriano looked hands-down amazing.

It’s always exciting to see what a SCAD fashion show will bring, but we always know for sure that it’ll be a stunning night.

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