By: Marcus Myvett

King Aragorn from Lord of the Rings

King: Advised by Many

Every king in the Medieval times had a court, consisting of lords, wise-men, barons and bishops. His court traveled with him everywhere he went, so they could advise him.

Subjects: Never Seen The King

The king rarely talked to his subjects, and most of them never saw the king during their life. The only contact the king had with his subjects was through his lords.

Lord: Appointed by The King

The king appointed lords to govern over certain lands. The king makes sure that the lord pays debt, and that debt comes from the subjects. The farmers pay so they can keep their land and have protection. The only way to get the payment to the king was by foot, so the knights had to take care of that.

Knights: Trained Warriors

The knights were skilled warriors, that went through many years of training. The knights protected the castle and the subjects living in and around it. They were hired by the king and the lords.