Sara Beth H
grade 9
may 1st 2014
Mrs. Edwards
Hunt high school

purpose of project is to become more  formiliar with potential career and college that would allome to get a degree.

My ultimate goal is to be a radiographer

they help preform diagnostics by taking images of the inner body. it eaxmain the health and well being of people. i want to pursue this career because i want to help people starting off I could make 40,000, the highest i could make is 78,000. I would need 2 years of schooling, so i would need a associates degree.

i would attend would be Johnston community college in Smithfield  NC. the average tuition for it is $1,192.50. the student to teacher ratio is 29 to 1. other colleges that offer this degree are Pitt community, Nash community, and Wilson tech. High school chemistry is not required to go to the college of choose, it is also not needed to earn this degree. the minimum GPA is a 2.0. g=

To be prepared

some classes I am going to need are biology, anatomy and physiology. my "plan B" careers are ultrasound tech, surgery tech, and early childhood education. the best thing I learned about my career is that you can make a good amount of money on a 2 year degree you can also further you studies in the field and work at the same time.   :) :) :) :)

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