Surely, getting the PRODUCT right is all that matters?

(The Product Life Cycle and BCG Matrix)

It helps to apply this to reality so let's talk fragrance for a while...

Think you could design a better perfume or aftershave?

....and will studies show that it works 60% of the time, every time?!

...also consider the following...


Now, on your Product Life Cycle diagram, identify one or two fragrances per stage!

Help? Try the link below....maybe the pages on 'Bestsellers', 'New fragrances' and 'Offers' will help you identify or categorise??

Extension strategy?...

...and now, the Boston Consultancy Group Matrix...

Mattel have 5 products in their range but there are only 4 spaces in the matrix...what gets axed?

In your notes, try the same but with chocolate!

So returning to our initial question....what do the two models above tell you?

By the way, can you spot a connection?