Ancient Egypt

By: Christian Rodriguez

the Nile was so important to the Egyptians for several reasons. For instance, it provided water for use and irrigating their crops and was also a mode of transportation. The region near the river provided excellent soil for growing food.

nile river

  1. The Delta is formed by the division of the branches of the River Nile as it flows south through the Valley formed by the Nile in Upper Egypt. The river branches spread out in a V-shaped fan and make their way towards the Mediterranean through Lower Egypt. The Delta begins north of Cairo. In ancient times the Nile flood deposited layers of silt in this area, making the Delta fan expand from east to west and push out into the sea. The construction of the Aswan dam has limited this expansion in modern times and the earlier seven to five branches of the Nile and distributive have been reduced to two main branches, the Rosetta (Rashid on the west) and the Damietta (Dumyat on the east)
nile delta

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