Industrial Revolution

The Industrial Revolution was an uprise in the economy, wealth, and innovation. Although, all things that rise tend to fall. Many things that seemed fine were really a cloak, hiding the true downfalls. During this time poverty in America was growing. A huge part of that was the harsh working conditions in mills. Adults working in the mills often made just the same as the children working in the mills. They would come home with a few cents from the days work and try to put food on the table for their kids. Sometimes poverty was so bad that families would have to send their children to work in mills hundreds of miles from home. New inventions were being made on a daily basis, yet only the wealthiest of people and families could afford them. The upper class skyrocketed in wealth but the lower class plummeted. To some this period seemed like heaven, but not for all. Indians were forced out of their land on to reservations. Animals were hunted to near extinction. It was full of ups but was rich with downfalls. The once beautiful, nature covered continent, was now covered in industrial mills and smoke stacks popping up in every inch of untouched wilderness..

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