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Helen Keller could't see could't hear this magnificent woman lived till 88 without her sight and hearing she had lots of help but how did she live with out her two most important senses.

Her early life

Helen Keller was born in June 27, 1880. Helen was a cheerful little girl. But at age 19 months Helen became vary ill and had a high fever. Doctors came far and wide to help her but they could do nothing.Days later the fever went away but it only cost Helen her sight and hearing.Helen's parents wanted to cure the lose of her senses,they took Helen to many doctors but alas they could't do any thing. On march 3 1887 Helen's mother hired Annie Sullivan to teach Helen how to understand people by using manual finger alphabet for blind kids but she had never taught blind and deaf children. When Annie came to the Keller's home she was welcomed by every one but not Helen she screamed and kicked Like she dose All THE TIME! After a few days of teaching Annie could tell that Helen did't like it she did tantrums each time she taught . Annie asked Mrs.Keller if she would let her take Helen to a her home Mrs,Keller said yes. it had been a few months Helen was improving but she did't under stand any thing then on April 15 1887 Helen wanted some water so Annie took Helen to the old water pump and she turned on the water Helen put her hands in the water and Annie spelled water while there hands were in the water Helen froze then she smiled Helen repeated the hand movements she under stood Helen fell on the ground she pointed to the ground Annie spelled G-R-O-U-N-D in to her palm She shook her head then she pointed at Annie she spelled teacher in her palm and that's what she called her for the rest of her life.


  • She was the first blind and deaf woman to graduate college
  • She did speeches about how it is to be blind and deaf


  • She was the first blind and deaf woman
  • She wrote books about how it is to be blind and deaf


  • The day Annie came to Helen is her "souls birthday."
  • Annie died on October 19, 1936
  • Helen died when she was 88(1880-1968)
  • Helen has four dogs


  • Helen Keller by Margaret Davidson
  • Searchasurus

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