My Reasons for Living

My number one reason for living is my family. They stick by your side through everything, give you support to get through rough days, and give you advice to help make sure you take the right path in life. Family is very important, if you think that killing yourself will relieve the pain, it won't it just puts more pain into your family's hearts.

My second reason for living is friendship. Having friends who are always there for you is something I will cherish my whole life. They help me through the hard times and celebrate the good times with me.

Looking ahead to what my future holds is another thing that keeps me going everyday. Everyday is something new, I never know how it will exactly play out. If you continue to strive for a great future and suddenly give up one day, then you will never know how close you were to a great future. I constantly look forward to my future, because looking ahead to the great things I can do in life just brings me happiness. This boy right here has helped me for the last 8 months to stay out of trouble and to keep my head on straight. He has also brightened my days with his wonderful personality and gorgeous smile!

My love for saving animals is stronger than any pain I could ever endure. Not all animals have the ability to save themselves. Being able to save one animal's life may not sound like much, but to me it is a life changing event. I took over responsibility of my puppy Ava 6 months ago and now she is my baby girl that I would never trade anything for! Here recently I have saved 3 turtles from danger and they have become my pride and joy.

Life itself is a reason for someone to live. Not everyone gets the opportunity to live a full life or to even see what life would be like. I have had a few close members in my family die when they were born, so they never got the chance to see the world or experience what it's like. I live my life day by day thanking God that I have another to spend on this earth. For those who take their own lives just because times get tough, because there are those who hadn't even had a chance to see what the hard times are not the good times.

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