Ancient China

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Ancient China. Is one of the four main ancient civilizations. The ancient Chinese created many things that we use now today. Their history is awesome. Many famous and beautiful paintings has been made by them. They also made the Great Wall of China and created martial arts. Because of the ancient Chinese many cool and important things that we use on a daily basis, were things that the Chinese made thousand and thousand of years ago. So I created this presentation to talk a bit about them and their history.

How did China begin, how did it begin and how did it start off?

Around 2300 B.C. settlers and farmers started to settle around the area known as China today. Then these settlers and farmers started to create communities to live in. Than these communities started to create royal families or what they called dynasties to rule over the area the communities owned. Then, around 1700 B.C. the Shang dynasty took over China and became the first dynasty to rule over it (at least in written history with good evidence). The Shang dynasty ruled for about 650 years. Within those 650 years the Shang dynasty found bronze to make weapons and tools for the farmers and the soldiers. They also found a way to create paper they could write on. Then around 1050 B.C. the Zhou dynasty destroyed the Shang dynasty, starting their own rule. At the time China was just a loose collection of states and communities that the emperor had little influence over.

Then along came the Qin dynasty. The Qin dynasty conquered the Zhou dynasty. After about a decade of their rule, the Qin dynasty managed to unite the loose collection of states and communities. They even got the name China off of the Qin dynasty. Since China was a new country the Qin dynasty started the construction of the Great Wall of China. The Qin dynasty only ruled China for about a century.

The next dynasty that ruled China is the Han dynasty( did Han Solo rule China!). They ruled for about two centuries or so. While they ruled they expanded their borders and kept the construction of the Great wall going. They also advanced the Chinese culture, science and art a whole lot to. The Sui dynasty came along about 589 AD but only ruled China for 30 years. They continued the construction of the Great Wall and and even helped support the Buddhism belief. After the Sui dynasty, came the Tang dynasty who really advanced just about everything important back them and kept the construction of the Great Wall of China going. They were conquered by the Song dynasty around 960 AD. Then after that came the Liao dynasty, then the Jin dynasty. While all three of these dynasties ruled not a lot changed. They Jin dynasty was taken over by the Mongols in 1271.

When Genghis Khan took over China he declared himself king of China. He then created his own dynasty and named it the Yuan dynasty. They only ruled about a century or so because after Kublai Khan died (Genghis Khan's grandson) a lot of bad rulers took up after him. The Yuan dynasty was doomed from the start since they tried to change a lot of things the Chinese have had for a long time. So it was no surprise when the people overthrew the Yuan dynasty. The Mongols dynasty was destroyed in 1368.  When the leader of the people Zhu Yuanzhang declared himself emperor and created the Ming dynasty when doing so. The Ming dynasty lasted until 1644, when the Qing dynasty took over. Why did all these dynasties destroy other dynasties that were ruling when they destroyed them. But the Qing dynasty was founded by the Manchus, another nation who took over ancient China.  (1)

What were some of the most powerful dynasties in ancient China?

I would say one of the most powerful dynasties is probably the Zhou dynasty. They were the ones who overthrew the Shang dynasty, who was the first dynasty to rule the states of China I should say, and they were the ones who found bronze and they made weapons and tools out of them. They also found out how to make paper but I don't see how that is really affect their armies strength. Sure their armies had it to, but the Shang had the most bronze weapons since they found it. The people liked the Zhou more since they made weapons and tools out of iron later on. The Zhou dynasty did go through a lot of kings since they worshiped Tian and if bad things happened that showed signs of bad luck then then they were kicked off the throne

The Shang dynasty was pretty powerful to you know. They had a pretty long rule of 650 years and in that 650 years they went through 30 good kings. The 31st was a pretty bad one though, so that is why the Zhou dynasty overthrew them. Also powerful since they made paper and found bronze and all that stuff. Another reason why they went on for so long is because they found the mineral jade. You know the really pretty green mineral. When they found it they made a bunch of vases, sculptors all that stuff. One of the main reasons why they were so powerful is because they ruled longer than any other dynasty.

But probably the most powerful is the Qin dynasty. The reason is because they were the ones who unified China. The Qin dynasty also started the construction of the Great Wall of China.They also got the name China of the Qin dynasty (don't know how), but when their short rule ended the next ruler got ideas from the Qin dynasty ruler's journals and stuff like that, the emperor changed a bunch of laws and stuff and made, what remained for the rest of ancient China, Imperial China. They had some pretty good builders to, since they made 8000 live sized clay soldiers for the last emperor Qin Shi Huangdi. (2)

What were some of the most important event in Chinese history?

One of the most important event is probably the building of the Great Wall of China. Even though is took a long, long time. The whole point of the wall was to protect China from armies coming form the North (like the Mongols) and from nomadic people who spent most of their time on horses. The Great Wall of China was not as complex as it is today but it was still hard to get through. The Wall was gigantic and very long so you couldn't climb it easily. There are gates and watchtowers placed so that you can enter at specific points and the watchtowers were there so soldiers can sit up there and warn the other soldiers about it. If you managed to get in the wall you had to go up the towers to get on it and the towers were a maze of stairs inside so unless you knew where you are going you are going to get lost very easily.

Most of the Great Wall is made of limestone and granite and bricks. Sometimes when the workers were low on supplies they just used wood and dirt so if you run into a place were that part of the wall is made of wood or dirt, now you know why!!! (3)

Another important part of Chinese history is the Battle of Banquan, the first battle in Chinese history. The battle was between Yellow emperor (called that because he lives near the Yellow river) and the Flame emperor (no idea why he is called that). Not a lot is said since a lot of history around that time is all weird and messed up. The funny thing about the battle is that after that two other battles were fought really close to Banquan. They were not fought that far apart either. Most historians say that the Yellow emperor won by a long shot. By the way I think that Yellow emperor ruled for the Shang dynasty and the Flame emperor fought for the Zhou dynasty. I don't really don't know how there are two emperors at the same time though. Maybe the Flame emperor already claimed himself emperor and historians just called the Yellow emperor just so they won't get confused.  (4)

I think another important part of Chinese history is when the Zhou dynasty took over China from the Shang dynasty. The Zhou dynasty started to attack the Shang dynasty along the Yellow river and worked their way up to the capital (Beijing I'm going guess) and took over. The leader of the Zhou dynasty, King Wu, claimed himself emperor starting off the Zhou dynasty's rule. (5)

What are some of the most powerful dynasties in Chinese history?

The most powerful is probably the Qin dynasty since they united China (for the first time) and started the Great Wall of China and really strengthened the military and helped expand the borders a lot. They also made 8,000 clay soldiers in the tomb of their first emperor which is also pretty cool since not a lot of countries can say that they did that.

Another powerful one was the Shang dynasty since they ruled the longest (for 650 years) and and they made bronze tools and weapons and find a way to make paper. They also were the ones who found jade and they made a lot of cool sculptors and stuff like that.

The Zhou dynasty was also powerful since they overthrew the Shang dynasty. They were also very powerful since they found iron and made tools and weapons out of it, which is a lot more better than the bronze tools and weapons the Shang dynasty. (6)


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