Spreadsheets are important because of the way you can use them for like money and other things they are useful . for. Lots of people use tack like people who deal with money allot. You can use spreadsheets in your everyday life.

How to Read Spread Sheets

To read spread sheets you read them by looking at their columns and rows and also their numbers

Spread Sheets

Using spread sheets involves an ability of knowledge to know how to work it and other types of things.

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This is a spreadsheet.
Spreadsheets have things called rows, columns, cell range, cell address and active cell.

Rows - identified by numbers (horizontal)
Column - identified by letters of the alphabet (vertical)
Cell Range - a group of adjacent cells
Active Cell - The cell that is selected
It is the cell that is ready to receive information
Cell Address - It is the Column letter and Row number.
The cell address is also called the cell reference.
These are the things included in a spreadsheet.