Why NOT Visit the French Trench?

Fellow Lice, have you heard of the World War that's costing quite the price? Well my friends, IT'S A PARADISE! The French are building many trenches which are spreading many diseases due to the insanitary conditions.

Let's go to France! But first... LET ME TAKE A SELFIE!

The trenches are filled with filthy water and the humans own feces so it's the best conditions for us lice to live in! This is spreading trench foot which is causing the soldiers to become weak making them easier targets for us!

Only to some humans!

Although the soldiers are trying to keep themselves clean of our fellow lice, we still have time to lay close to 80 of our eggs to hatch and the heat from the humans bodies hatch the babies for us!

Traveling is the best idea we have had yet!

The soldiers are also very weak due to the lack of food and the food that they do have are very low on nutrients!

Stupid lice trying to take OUR soldiers...

Oh! I forgot to say we have some competition with the rats over the humans, but there are so many of us that if we combine the lice here and the lice all over the rest of the world we can overpower the rats!

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