Odyssey Continued

By: Chris and

Chapter one

           Once Odysseus returned home and over threw the suitors with his son everyone was over joyed. Yet they did not know this happiness would not last them long. 2 years later Ares, the god of war was tired and bored.  Since the Trojan war was over he wasn't as big as he used to be, he didn't like it a bit. He wanted revenge, when Athena injured him by throwing a spear in him, and when she tossed a boulder on him humiliating him. So secretly he made his own army, from the fallen soldiers who died in battle. Ares had the power to command fallen soldiers at his free will. Word got out that Athena was close to Odysseus. The perfect idea came to him, he was going to get revenge by wiping Odysseus's kingdom.  Once he rosined  well over 5,000 men he began his march from the southern boarder of Romania. Ares thought to himself on how he would kill Odysseus.

Chapter 2

           While Odysseus was sleeping he had an horrible dream. He saw men that he slain in battle burning his village and slaughtering his men. Then something stunned him. There was a tall figure with red aura and bright red eyes. Every thing stopped and the man started to walk towards him and said.

           "See this? Your mentor pushed this upon you Athena and now your blood will be on my blade."

Odysseus trembled with fear. Then Athena appeared next to him and she stared at the man with anger flashing in her eyes and said,

"Ares, what are you doing? The war ended 22 years ago. What else do you desire?"

"Revenge" Ares replied bluntly . "Odysseus I am almost here. 5 more months. My numbers were 5,000 but now they are 10,000....Prepare for the final frontier, the last stand of your life."

Odysseus snapped awake covered in sweat. 10,000 he thought, he only had 2,000 men at his disposal. Athena talked to him and said,

"I have a secret that your mom didn't want you to know. Your real father is Hephaestus."

Then Athena vanished. Now it started to come to him, He never was burned by fire and once he controlled fire. He had 5 months to train and recruit people.

Chapter 3

                 "2 days until the deadline men, go to your post!" Odysseus shouted orders. The total of his army was now 7 thousand. Still he was out numbers but he had his trump card still. He mastered his abilities and bade state of the art weapons that fire by themselves.  4 thousand men positioned at the beach and he lead 3 thousand at the front. Some of his scouts came in.

"Whats the report?"

The scout replied "Sir, we estimate that they have 9 thousand due to those traps you made. They still out numbers us by 2 thousand."

This was better but his army was still out numbed. Later that night he was wakened by one of his soldiers.

"We are under attack they are here! Our casualties are 500 and Ares's army casualties are 1,000!"

     When Odysseus was done putting on his armor he ran out. The scene horrified him. It looked exactly like his dream. Then he saw him. Ares killing men left and right, he meet his eyes and the god laughed with delight striding towards Odysseus. They soon engaged in combat. He thought he was keeping up until the started to tire. Ares sliced him across his chest making a giant X on his chest. He didn't give up. He controlled the flames around the village and summoned them upon Ares.

Still not doing anything the god was preparing to make a final strike on him. He thought and it came to him.

"Ares, I bet you are to weak to fight me and my army by yourself."

The god snickered than with a flick of his finger his own un-dead legion vanished.

"So let it begin" Ares said.

Odysseus leading his army all charged Ares. Athena told him the story on how she beat Ares in the Trojan war. Odysseus looked around for the silver spear while his army was occupying Ares. Then he found the spear, it glowed strangely like a gods weapon. When he picked it up it took all of his might. Then he launched it at Ares and hit him square in the chest. Then the god burst into golden dust floating away.

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