Best Moments of 7th Grade
                  By: Joshua Walls
  My Top 10 Moments of Seventh Grade


10.The picture above was a memorable moment of 7th grade. When Max was taking pictures of the notes on the board and Davide popped in the way.

Soccer Tournament

9. This is when my soccer team won a tournament in Lodi, OH. We were all super happy because we had lost our whole season, but we won our tournament. We had four games and we won all of them. It was probably one of the coldest tournaments our team has participated in.

Road of Trials

8. The next moment was the Road of Trials challenge. Where we had to get 10 points in order to skip 5 challenging assignments. Our class only got eight, but we sent in pictures for extra points. This was one of the photos sent in for extra points.

Cedar Point

7. Cedar Point, For Jazz Band we went to Cedar Point to perform in a competition. The Ensemble also performed. Jazz Band performed at Perkins High School and Ensemble performed at Perkins Middle School. Both the Ensemble and Jazz Band got first place in their designated category plus other awards.

The Musical

6. The Musical, The Musical this year was "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat". Davide and I played the role of Joseph's brother. I was brother Dan and Davide was brother Judah.

Math Class

5. Math Class, This math class was when Mr. Peterson had a sub, because his wife was pregnant. My group had all their work done so we were listening to music. The one song we were listening to was Carl Poppa, a Walking Dead Parody. The second was Choo Choo Go, a parody of Hunger Games.

Spring Break

4.  Spring Break, For spring break my family went to Virginia Beach, Williamsburg, and Washington D.C. We left at 11:00 P.M. and we got there at about 8:00 P.M. First day we went to Virginia Beach. Second day we went to Williamsburg the Colonial part of the city. The third and fourth day we went to Washington D.C.


3. Over the summer I am going to Ukraine. I will be going for two weeks. On the trip we will be teaching english and working with the local church. The pastor's son is getting married and we are going to the wedding in Leeve, Ukraine. We will be gone for 2 weeks. On the way home we will be going to Geneva, Ukraine.

Camp Mowana

2. 7th Grade Camp, This year we went to Mansfield,OH to Camp Mowana. Everyday we had a different activity. My favorite activity was camo games, we played capture the flag. Camp lasted four days and we left on the fifth. It was a great experience.

Hosting Ambassadors

1. Hosting Ambassadors, Ambassadors Futbol Club every year does soccer camps throughout the country. Every year they bring in new ambassadors from around the world to teach futbol. My family has had the experience to host two ambassadors every year for about 7-8 years now. This year we had Andrew Davis from Northern Ireland and Simon from Czech Republic. They were some of the best ambassadors we ever had.


My best HELA moment was my radio drama. In my group was Max, Ronen, Weston, and Me. Our radio drama was about a psychotic killer. Ronen was the killer, Weston was the sane side of the killer, Max was the Victim, I was the homicide detective.


Make the best of today, because you don't know what is going to happen tomorrow.

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