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Animism is a traditional world belief system. People that practice Animism can understand nature good. It started in Africa and they had a great respect for nature. They worshipped their ancestors. They worshipped spirits of trees, animals, and etc.

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Shintoism started in Japan. The spirits were of the great KAMI that exist in all things. He was their emperor/ God like. They got a good respect for the worlds nature and their emperor- in the past.

It started about as long as 1000 B.C.E. Its practiced at this time by about five million people in the world.


Hinduism started in India and stayed there the hole time. The holy text they had was called "VEDAS". Their main belief was reincarnation. They try to lead a good life (as in their thoughts and behavior) in order to keep moving towards perfection.

REINCARNATION was the belief that the soul comes back in another form after the bodies dead.

KARMA was the behavior of Hindu, which is thoughts and actions.

DHARMA is the overall values and rules of Hinduism.

CASTE SYSTEM is the social order of separate castes (classes of people) through Karma. People move up and down the caste system which organized Indian society.

Hinduism was mixed with some of the belief of the early Indus River. They need to have good dharma to have good karma to move up in the next life.


Buddhism started in India and then moved out of India. They didn't have a holy text. Their main belief was end your suffering by ending your desires. They learned to accept what life brings to them.

They weren't accepted in India because the Hindu social order was too strong. They had missionaries which were people who spread religion by teaching others about their beliefs. They started in India and went to china and southeast Asia, then Korea and Japan.

Four Noble Truth- 1. everyone suffers 2. suffering is caused by having desires. 3. To end suffering and your desires. 4. To end your desires- follow the eight- fold path.

Buddhism started by a local Indian prince about 500BC. While many Indians thought his ideas were good, their prior association with Hinduism left no room for Buddhism in India.


It started in China and had a holy text Tao Te Ching. Their main belief was follow the way of nature( accept the thing you cant change). Taoism affected the culture by they don't challenge the natural process and they accept things as they come. Taoism co-existed with other ancient Chinese philosophy. It was started by a man named Lao-Tse which is spelled in many different ways.


Confucianism started in china and had a holy text called "Analects". They belief was all people need to accept their role in society. Their belief affected the culture by being great deal of respect for parents, elders and country.

5 relationship

1. Father--> son

2. older brother-->younger brother

3. husband--> wife

4. ruler--> subjects

5. friends--> friends

Filial piety-- important virtue and primary duty of respect, obedience and care for ones parents, elders, and family.

Confucianism is mostly toward man's social interactions, such as politics and society. It began by a man named Confucius.


Started in the middle east. They had a holy book called Torah. Their main belief is believe in one god called Monotheism. God will send a messiah (savior) to them someday. Their belief affected the culture by trying to follow God's laws( 10 amendments) so the Messiah will come.

They were kicked out of "Palestine" by the Romans. Removed from Palestine during the Diaspora_ the scattering of Jewish people during the 1st century A.D. Most Jews went to the cities of Europe where lived in ghettos, there was much persecution and oppression. The Hebrew people of the ancient fertile Crescent area. They made a agreement that they only obey one god.


Started in the middle east and had a holy text which was the bible. They believed in one god and Jesus Christ is the son of God and that he is the messiah. It affected the culture with simple rules won many converts to Christianity. After death of Jesus, missionaries spread his word.

Roman Empire

Persecuted Christians

slowly accepted Christian ideas

Eventually became the official religion

Romans spread Christianity throughout the empire.

Christianity began in the Roman province of Judea- Old Jewish homeland of Israel.


Islam started in the middle east and had a book called Quran (KORAN). They belief in one god and followed Allah in all things above everything else. Mohammed is the messiah who spread the word of GOD. They were out of mecca, east to India, west across North Africa and on into Spain. They spread Islam by military conquest. Arabs ( Muslim- followers of Islam) were also great traders.


Recite- say day "there is no god but Allah and Mohammed is his prophet"

Pray- five times each day facing Mecca

Charity- give regularity to charity

Fast- go without food or drink from sunrise to sunset during the holy month Ramadan

Pilgrimage- try to make a journey to mecca at least once in your life.

It begun by the prophet Mohammed in 622 AD. The religious rules often have a great effect on political laws and social customs.

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