Nikola Tesla

Biography Project for Mrs. Hemry's 8th grade Language Arts by C.B. 3rd hour

Significant events:

  • The Current Wars
  • Cholera epidemic in Gospic


Nikola Tesla led a busy childhood, working on a farm in Yugoslavia. His best friend growing up, he said was his cat, Macak. His brother, Dane (pronounced Danny) wanted to be an inventor as well but unfortunately died at the age of 12 after being thrown from a horse. His parents from then on discouraged Nikola from inventing because it reminded them of the child they lost. After his brother's death, the family moved to where his father became a priest and tried to get Nikola to pursue a religious career as well. Tesla continued with engineering and didn't have many friends because he went to higher level schools.  


  • Saved a burning church when he was nine years old
  • Invented the radio (but didn't get credit until after he died)
  • Invented the electromagnetic generator
  • Invented alternating current that was safer compared to direct current
  • Invented the remote control
  • Had plans for making electricity around the world free (Wardenclyffe Tower)

People who influenced Tesla

  • Dane Tesla- His brother, who as previously mentioned, died at the age of twelve after being thrown from a horse. This event caused Nikola's goals to be set back.
  • Milutin and Djouka Tesla- Tried to influence Nikola to go into a religious profession, but only made him more persistent to go into engineering
  • Thomas Edison- Was first a mentor to Tesla when he came to New York, but then later turned out to be his enemy. When Tesla proposed the idea of safer alternating current, Edison dismissed the idea as preposterous and disregarded it immediately. But, when Tesla said he could improve the already existing direct current system, Edison happily agreed to pay him but then said he was only joking after the entire system had been reworked. Thus, starting the rivalry between Tesla and Edison.   

Other Facts

  • Thought women were the dominant gender
  • Wanted to marry a pigeon
  • Had plans for a death ray
  • Was proclaimed in many newspapers a "practitioner of the black arts"
  • Thought if he drank whiskey he would live 150 years and if he didn't only live 130
  • Had his first mental breakdown at the age of twenty-one
  • He believed three was a magic number and had to have exactly 18 napkins on a table when dining because it was evenly divisible by three
  • He loathed earrings and couldn't speak to women who wore them, especially pearls
  • He had to count every step he took
  • He had to calculate the cubic volume of his food before he ate or couldn't enjoy his meal
  • He was a vegetarian


The them of Nikola's life was...

That even though you may not think the same as others, you still have a brilliant mind

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