Wedding Photography- It’s Time to go with the Trend

Whether you are a photographer by interest or by profession, you will know that photography trends have changed tremendously over the years. The same has been with wedding photography. The demand for uniqueness is on the rise among the couples. In this selfie-obsessed period, people are always excited to try something which nobody has tried ever before. Here are some of the latest wedding photography trends.

  • Traditional snapshots where everyone looks prim and perfect still exists, but newlyweds express their individuality and express their emotions in a truly unique manner these days. The trend of stiff smiles and posed gestures are gone.
  • Couples use candid shots but never fail to engage novice photographers to try their photography skills by leaving disposable cameras on each reception table. Who knows your favourite photo might come from your friend’s camera clicking.
  • If you want to feel like a celebrity for a day, editorial is the way to go. This obviously requires a lot of prep work. Makeup, camera, lighting, expressions and the background. However, if you live your supermodel fantasy nothing should dampen your spirits.
  • Traditional shots still rocks! Even the posed shots with family and the wedding party are taken with digital camera today followed by some editing. Some professional photographers in Perth still work with film and will do minimal or no computer touch-ups.
  • Many couples choose a mix of colour and black & white photos. To create a specific look or to compliment a wedding them, some couples do not mind some mix and match.
  • Photojournalist wedding photography is the new trend. In this, the photographer captures events as they happen. This results in more candid and natural looking photos. The candid photography reflects the general feel of a Perth wedding.

A professional photographer in Perth has begun new trends in these modern times. The trends are changing swiftly and photographers are trying hard to keep up with the changes. A professional photographer usually provides a lot of other photography services such as school photography in Perth, Perth product photography, commercial photography etc.

A professional photographer can help you capture vivid and memorable photos of your wedding. Never miss an opportunity to hire the best photographer in Perth for your big day. Go through the latest wedding photography trends online to align your wedding shots as per the wedding theme and the latest trends.