Romeo and Juliet Assignment

Students will: create a modern recreation of ONE of the scenes from Romeo and Juliet Act III using one of the apps below.


Comic Touch Lite!

This free app allows you to add comic speech bubbles onto photos from your camera roll. For this assignment, use your phone to take photos that represent the scene -- whether it is a group of your friends acting or something more creative -- and use the app to add text. You can use the original text, or put a modern spin on it.

Ms. Potter's Example:

Tweet Deck!

This free app can be used on your phone or on your computer. It allows you to create and manage multiple Twitter accounts at the same time. For this assignment, select 2-4 characters and create a Twitter account for each of them. Choose one of the scenes from Act III, and tweet as each of the characters throughout the scene. Perhaps the characters are tweeting what they are thinking, sharing links they find interesting, posting photos, or replying to one another. For this assignment, do your best to get inside each characters head and tweet as the character, do not simply live-tweet the scene using the original text.

Ms. Potter's Example:


This app is not free unfortunately ($4.99 with the latest update) but many of the school iPad's have it uploaded already. If you have a different movie making app you prefer, you may use it at teacher's discretion. For this assignment, you will be making a trailer for the scene of your choice. This will allow you to take pivotal moments of the scene and piece them together in an intriguing way. Remember the key to making a successful trailer is to entice the viewer into wanting to watch more without giving away the end! Feel free to use the original text for your dialogue, or put a modern spin on it.

Movie Trailer for Romeo and Juliet:

Trailer for Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 1:

Verses and GarageBand!

Verses is an app ($1.99) that assists in writing poetry and song lyrics. You can save the verses in note taking section, and can also use the built in rhyming dictionary for rhymes, near rhymes, and synonyms. For this assignment, use Verses to create a poem or song about the scene you select. This can be an overview of the scene, or from the point of view of a character or bystander. If you want to get really creative, use GarageBand (free) to set your lyrics to music. GarageBand has several musical instruments, as well as the ability to record you singing your lyrics.

Radiohead "Exit Music (For a Film) Inspired by Act III of Romeo and Juliet:

Silent Film Studio!

Imagine recreating a scene from Romeo and Juliet…but without Shakespeare's iconic words! Could you do it? Silent Film Studio ($0.99) is an apps that helps you create silent films. It has music and place cards to help tell the story, but the majority of the story is shown not told. For this assignment, pick a scene and represent it in it's entirety through silent film.