3 Types Of Art
By-Haley Bowen

~The starry night~

~The Starry Night is abstract art. This Art is abstract because it looks like it is real but if you saw it you know you would not see this in real life. This art is made by Vincent Van Gogh. Vincent grew up in holland and in 1889 Vincent created this Piece of artwork. Vincent was Dutch. Vincent's artwork is at the MoMA Museum in gallery 1 floor 5.~

~Mountain Stream~

~Mountain Stream is Representational art because, this looks like you would see it in "real life". Otira Gorge made this artwork in 1893. This artwork is from New Zealand. This artwork is in the Te Papa Museum. Otira used Realistic color choices.  

~The other face of the night~

The Other Face Of the night is Non-Objective art because it is not something you would see in the real world. Gerardo Ch├ívez created this work of art in 1964 and is in the MALI Museum.  

~The Hunter~

The hunter is Abstract art because it is some thing that has proportion. Wenceslaus Hollar created this art in 1651. Is in the Dallas Museum in Texas.  

~Night And Day~

Night and day is a Non-Objective artwork because in not something you would see in the real work. Howard created this artwork in 1997-1999. This artwork is at the National Gallery of Victoria.

~George Washington~

George Washington is  Representational art because it has realistic features and colors. Gilbert Stuart created this artwork in 1797. this art work is in the White House.

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