Jamaica is an island located in the Caribbean Sea, next to North America.  The capital is Kingston, located on the Southeast coast of Jamaica.  Major languages include English and Jamaican Creole(patois).  The population by the end of 2013 is 2,715,000 people and their life expectancy is about 73 years old.


   Major landforms of Jamaica include the Blue Mountains, Bremen Valley, and Ballards Valley.  Major bodies of water include The Black River, The Rio Minho, and The Cabaritta River.


   The average annual temperature in Jamaica is about 80.8 degrees Fahrenheit, or 27.1 degrees Celsius. The average yearly rainfall is about 31.9 inches, or 811 milometers.


    Jamaica has a parliamentary democracy governed under the constitution of 1962.  62% of the people are Christians, 2% are Jehovah Witnesses, 3% are unstated, and 10% are other.  Popular music includes Mento, Ska, Rocksteady, and Reggae.  Some foods include jerk chicken, pork, curry goat, and fried dumplings.  The popular sports are cricket, football, and netball.

Swallow Tail Hummingbird

                                                            Interesting Facts

    S0me interesting facts about Jamaica are, the legal drinking age is 18, but the law is rarely enforced.  Jamaica was also the first Caribbean country to gain independence in 1962.  Some native animals are the Swallow Tail Hummingbird, The Swallow Tail Butterfly, and The Jamaican Fruit Bat.  Main export partners are the United States, and Canada.

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