Civilian Space Travel

Persuasive Essay
By: Aileen Horn

Space travel can be full of accomplishments, new discoveries, and important research. However, if we waste our time and money to send civilians to space, many of these accomplishments and discoveries will not be made. In this essay I will explain why we should not waste our time and money sending to space, civilians who may underestimate the risks, and changes in space, when we could send professionals, such as astronauts.

First of all, if civilians are allowed to go to space just by going through basic training, they will not know how to handle emergencies while in space. Civilians also may not have any knowledge about space, or the conditions in space, such as the changes in the way of life. In many ways civilians may not be prepared for the risks, challenges, and changes of space. So in the end, civilians would waste time, money, and maybe even their own lives in space which brings me to my next point.

Although many discoveries have been made in space, there are still more to be made, and sending civilians to space will not get us any closer to those discoveries. If civilians were to go to space, they would take the places of professional scientists and astronauts who have trained and studied a lot longer than the civilians. I think that that is unfair. Sending civilians into space takes time and money that could be used to send astronauts to space. These astronauts could find some new discoveries and useful data.

Space travel might be a once in a lifetime opportunity, but space should not be used for pure entertainment either. It takes hard work and tough training to go to space and many civilians may under estimate the work put into it. In addition to that, some civilians may have the money to go to space, not all of them have the passion to go to space. Even if they do, they may not be physically capable of going to space even after all of their training.

In the end, I think that space travel is meant for professional scientists and astronauts, not civilians. This is because astronauts are prepared for the changes in space life, they have worked, studied, and trained hard to be able to go to space, and they do not underestimate the hard work put into space travel. With these qualities, astronauts will be able to make new discoveries, learn more about space, and unlock its mysteries.   

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