Liam's Personal Values

I value many things like family, friends, my health, my education, and athletics.

I value my family

I value my family because they help me and encourage me to do my best

I value my Friends

I value my friends because they are fun to be with and they always cheer me up

I value my health

I value my health because it makes me feel good.  To maintain my health I eat healthy food and exercise,

I value my education

I value my education because it will help me succeed in life.  I want to graduate high school, get into a good college, and then get a job.

I value athletics

#tb to 100 days ago with the xc team #stockadeathon #15k #thatskindafar

I value athletics because they are fun, keep me in shape, and an great way to meet new people.  I run cross country and track.  I also play baseball and frisbee.

Great season guys. I wish it could've ended better, but I hope to play with you again in fall ball. ⚾️⚾️⚾️

I also like watching athletic events.  I have been to many baseball games but my favorite sport to watch is football. (Go Jets!)

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