Educational Tools To Help You Fly
#RSCON Technology Smackdown

The Reform Symposium mini-conference April 2014

Teachers from around the world shared their favourite tools at the technology smackdown in April.

See my top five favourites here and then watch the video to find more.

One: Thing link

Personalise images and make them interactive.


Display information, embed videos, design a flyer, create class newsletter.

Three: Kid blog

Digital portfolios for student-created content.

Four: chatterpix kids

Make anything talk. Take any photo, draw  line to make a mouth and talk. Create lessons and stories around your characters.

Five: Classroom 2.0 live mobile app.

Add videos, test, photos, set it up so that class participants can add their own media.

See more from the Reform Symposium soon:

The official online conference, RSCON5, will take place July 11-13th, 2014 and feature 60+presentations, 2 plenaries, 10 keynotes, student presenters, a tech/app/lesson smackdown, and the EdInspire Awards Ceremony. Join the Future of Education community to keep updated with these events and connect with over 10,000 educators worldwide.