Nontraditional Jobs

By: Caitlyn Daniel

Architects are usually thought of as a mans job. But today women have taken over. Dame Zaha Mohammad Hadid, DBE is an Iraqi-British architect. She has been rewarded with an award 3 times for her work in the field. She enjoys what she does, and this is a great example of a women architect.

Camera and Film Operations

Generally, people  film and camera operations as a traditional man job. Now it's both and women are doing great at it!

Medical Secretaries

Medical Secretaries are now men and women career. This career is nontraditional job for men, but traditional for women. But now Men are succeeding at this job!

Maid and Housekeeping

A maid or a housekeeper is defiantly a womens traditional job. Now men are doing it to Hotels, boats, and even men who have their own cleaning business! You can have less than high school degree is needed for the job. You have to be able to

  • apply cleaning solvents.
  • clean linens.
  • maintain records, reports, or files.
  • move or fit heavy objects.

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