Unbalanced Diets & Malnutrition

What do we need in our diet?

In brief we need eight different nutrients to sustain a balanced diet. These consist of:

Carbohydrates   Proteins   Lipids   Vitamin A    Vitamin C   Vitamin D   Iron   Calcium      


Definition of malnutrition: The effects of an unbalanced diet.

An unbalanced diet is when the quantities of each nutrient group consumed in inconsistent. This usually means it is consumed in excess or the body is deprived of the nutrient altogether e.g. obesity or underweight.


In 21st century Britain the problem of obesity is more of a common issue than underweight individuals. Obesity is classified if a person's BMI is above 30. This is caused by the consumption of more energy than the body uses.  This is usually related to a lack of physical activity within an individuals daily routine. The energy is stored in the body and causes a build up of adipose tissue underneath the skin.

Underweight Individuals

Despite being often associated with third world countries, the rise of underweight individuals in the UK is rising often associated with mental illnesses such as anorexia of bulimia.In third world countries the cause of the lack of nutrients is often due to famine and drought.


The diet required to every human on the planet is unique and there is a tolerance to either end of the scale to which the diet can be branded 'balanced'. An example of where an individual's needs are specifically tailored to is when a sportsperson has a drink to contain certain minerals to enhance their performance and restore homeostasis to the body by replenishing lost ion.

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