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When did trains start????

This train was made in 1814 it was the first locomotive, it could go 4 mph while hauling 30 tons of coal, It was the first of its time.

Locomotives are train that run on fuel.

The Very First Train.

The very first trains were pulled by a horse, this started in Germany in the 1500 hundreds. The tracks bellow were wooden this made it more effective to travel.

What is it? Porpose?

Trains can be locomatives which means they are powered by gas, but some trains were pulled by a horse. In the 1800's first trains in america were mostly in the north were they could trasport goods from the south to the north were cotton was turned into cloths then was sold around the world.

Positive and Negative Effects

The train really helped transport goods across America such as,cotton, indigo and rice, but you could connect this to the civil war because the south had much less trains that transport the army, the north had a clear advantage.

How Does it work??????????????

Trains work much like cars they use fuel to turn the motor then leading to the train moving.

Todays Trains

Todays trains are.....trains the train has not changed much in the way it works but it has changed in shape and efficinentness.

How did this effect the civil war ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

This effected the Civil War by the North having an abilty to get more work done without slavery and this led to the north relizing that slavery was wrong and this led to the civil war.  

Be Safe Around Trains Kids...

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