Apps to use in the classroom

1. Proloquo2go

As our classrooms are becoming more and more inclusive, technology is making it easier to integrate students with different types of difficulties into the classroom. Proloquo2go is text-to-speech app that allows students with speech difficulties communicate with others. It has over 14,000 words, symbols, and conjugations. More interestingly, it is also customizable. This app could be used in the classroom by a student with speech difficulties to help him/her communicate with the teacher and help them feel like they are a part of the classroom, teachers would feel more comfortable calling on the student for an answer, and the student would feel more confident answering questions and participating in classroom activities.

2.Grammer Express:Parts of Speech

I found this app very interesting as an english major, as it explains the function of nouns, pronouns, verbs, adverbs, adjectives. I found it interesting because it is a new way to get students to learn about grammar, which can be a dry subject at times. There is a mock test mode in which the teacher can adjust the number of questions. The teacher can use this in the classroom to conduct a mock quiz on grammar, as it is easy to use and it contains a progress tracking accountability which may help the teacher see where her students are at and where they need to improve


Brickflow is a web-based app that creates multi-media presentations based on hash-tags. This app is helpful for students who want a creative way to present a project and it is helpful for teachers to get their students more interested and connected with the subject matter. I would use this app, as an english teacher, while my students are watching a film as a part of a film studies unit, and have them tweet their reactions and thoughts to the movie (live) by using a common hashtag and at the end of the movie, create a presentation with the use of the common hashtag and have it aid with the classroom discussion of the film.

4.MindSnacks: French

This language learning app contains many different languages, but as a French minor, I was interested in the french version of the app. the app contains 6 games that aid with vocabulary, reading, writing, and conversational skills.The app makes it fun for students to learn a new language. I would use it in my classroom as a bonus activity by challenging students to earn the most points.

5.Poetry Creator

This app is a fun to use poetry creator that allows students to create and share poems online.It is mostly a technological spin on refrigerator magnet poetry. I would use this app in my classroom to have students create their poems and share them with the rest of the class on a class website.

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