Group Motion Project

By: Hayden Barr, Walker Ferry, Gabe Pugh, and Markie Buettner

(this is the link to the video)

Newton's first law:"Every object in motion stays in motion, or an object at rest stays at rest, until acted upon by an unbalanced force."

When we pushed the skateboard, it was an example of an unbalanced force. Our applied force made it go from staying still to moving forward.

Newton's second law:"An object with a greater mass will need a bigger force to allow it to accelerate."

Since our skateboard was small, we didn't need a big force to make it accelerate. But if the skateboard was bigger, we would need a greater force.

Newton's Third law:"For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction."

The action is the car moving and the reaction is the car stopping.

Applied force- Markie's hand pushing the skateboard. Friction from table slows down the skateboard. The forces are unbalanced.

Fun Facts about Forces

1. Forces make everything move or not move.

2. Every time something happens a force is involved.

3.  Force is measured in Newtons. (N)

4. We cannot see forces.

5. Forces can make things change shape.

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