Welcome to Secondary Science PD 1!

You have just finished the Student Centered Learning and Digital Integration session. Please form groups of three or four with your fellow science teachers and discuss how this will impact your instruction.

You will have 20 minutes to discuss this.

Please use the link below to record the focus points of your discussion. Each Teacher will need to respond.

Individualized Learning

Now we will give you an opportunity to do some individualized learning about some different ways to implement student centered learning. The next item is called a thinglink. On the Thinglink you have four options to choose from: Questioning strategies, Flipped Classroom, Flipped Lab, and the 5E lesson model. Please click on the option you want to learn about in the 21st Century Classroom Thinglink below to continue your part of the PD.

Location of Choices

* Question Mark Icons reflect Google forms to be filled out with each choice.  Direct links to forms have also been provided below.

Time for a break - go get a snack!

Okay so now comes the fun part. You will break up into content or grade level groups. Feel free to move into another room if needed. Have one person in your group logon to your appropriate google hangout. Please develop a lesson plan using all of the information you have learned today while collaborating with your fellow teachers. You will have an hour and 5 minutes to do this.

11:15 am

Please come back together in one room to finish today's session and provide feedback.

Please use the link below to tell us about your lesson and when you will teach it. We would like you to do a peer observation of someone else's lesson and have someone else do a peer observation of your lesson. If there isn't a way to do this, (you are the only one in your building), please let Scott know and he will schedule to do the observation for you.

You are almost finished.

Please click on the link below to give us your feedback about the entire PD session today. Please stay and finish it before you leave. Thanks and have a great lunch, and a rest of the day!

Peer Observation

Click Printable Peer Observation Form for a printable version of the Peer Observation Form.