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My name is Aliah Sykes, I am a senior at Coldspring - Oakhurst High School I will be attending Sam Houston State University after graduation for education majoring in mathematics.


Student Council


Class Officer

Volleyball Captain

Basketball Captain

Basketball MVP

Track Academic Excellence

All American Cheerleader

IPET Parent-Teacher Conference Practice with Avatars

Taylor- 10 years old, bad attitude, never listens.

Not getting enough attention at home from her parents and the only way to get attention is to act out in school. Even though it is the wrong kind of attention, she is still getting recognized. The teacher needs to have a parent-teacher conference in order to try and figure out why Taylor has such a bad attitude.

Kalyn- 17 years old, top of her class, very stressed about college

With her being at the top of her class, Kalyn feels like she has to give her parents whatever it is that they want. Her parents want her to go to Law school and follow in the footsteps of her father, but she wants to go to Sam Houston State to become a teacher. The teacher can refer her to the counselor so she can figure out exactly what she wants to do and how important it is to do what she wants to do, not her parents.

Luke- 18 years old, athlete, got a girl pregnant

Luke always dreamt of playing Pro football, but now his dreams are put on hold because of a drunken mistake. His coach tries to tell him that it will all work out, but Luke feels like he will never succeed in life because he isn’t playing pro ball. His coach also helps him by helping him find scholarships to schools, even if they aren’t for athletics.

Kyle- 7 years old, Dyslexia, speech impediment

Kyle needs extra encouragement from his family and his teachers because of his dyslexia and speech impediment. He needs speech therapy and a specific teacher to help with his dyslexia. The teacher can always assure him that he is doing a good job and try to give him a little more help during class time.

Amanda - 13 years old, Facing body changes

Amanda is in the process of ‘finding’ herself when her body starts to change. She is trying to figure out who she is, but the changes are lowering her self esteem because she is confused and feels like she is the only one going through it. With the teacher being female, she can notice what is happening, so she can talk to her about it.

Brandon - 12 years old, Has ADD

Brandon can’t focus, so he cannot complete certain activities. This leads to him feeling like he has failed and he feels that his parents are disappointed in him. Once again, the teacher can assure him that he is doing good and give him a little extra help.

Parent-Teacher Conference

Teacher: I am Mrs. Thor and I brought you all here to discuss Taylor’s behavior. Lately, Taylor has been shouting at other students, refusing to do her work, does not listen to classroom instructions. After several warnings, Taylor did not put the effort in to change her behavior.

Mother: Well, I am a police officer, so I am away from home most of the time, but I have been off duty for three days now due to an injury and I have noticed a change in the way she acts. She hasn’t been doing her chores and she is also very distant.

Teacher: I advise you to spend more time with your daughter. She seems to be acting out because she isn’t getting enough attention from you at home.

Mother: I can’t quit my job, so I don’t know how that will work.

Teacher: If you don’t want your daughter to end up at the principal’s office with a referral because of bad behavior, then you should find a way to cut back hours or something of the sort.

Mother: I am a single parent and I need to income that I am receiving now for my daughter and I to live on and paying for the baby sitter requires more.

Teacher: Okay, do what you feel is necessary, but if her attitude doesn't change she will face consequences or even suspension if the situation worsens.

Lesson Plan: Order Of Operations


Solve the following problems:

(10 - 3 ) x ( 8 - 5 ) + 7^2

7 x ( 2 x 10 - 5^2) - 2

( 3 + 4 )^2+ (12 +14 ÷ 7 )


  • Each student will creatively come up with their own acronym for the process of order of operations
  • Each student will create a booklet displaying their acronym and the steps of order of operations


  1. What do you think PEMDAS mean?
  2. Another concept that uses acronyms?



Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally

  1. Parentheses
  2. Exponents
  3. Multiplication and Division (from left to right)
  4. Addition and Subtraction (from left to right)

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